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15 Stylish and Smashing Bamboo Curtain Designs for Home Decoration

4. Ring Top Bamboo Curtains:

Bamboo curtains for windows mostly have the type of a ring top as shown in the image above. A ring top basically means that the curtain has loop style rings attached above it which have to be all passed through a single rod and the rod is then fitted on the top of the window frame or door frame.

5. Bamboo Horizontal Roller Blinds with Curtains:

Bamboo Blinds with Curtains involve the combination of a bamboo blind and a normal fabric curtain. Bamboo Blind means a curtain like layout made of bamboo but which is slit horizontally in many strips across its vertical dimension, so that it can be partially allow sunlight into your bedroom through those slits. When such bamboo blind is accompanied by normal fabric curtains around it, the look is a very attractive one.

6. Bamboo Painted Curtains:

When normal bamboo curtains are painted in custom designs, they can be called as Painted Bamboo Curtains. The designs which can be painted on bamboo curtains vary in innumerable types depending on your preference and choice. For instance you can paint cartoon characters, sports personalities, Hollywood celebrities, etc.

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