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20 Best Floral Rangoli Designs by Using Flowers, Chalk & Flour

floral rangoli designs

Flowers are itself an art and rangoli made of flowers is incomparable with other rangolis. This form of rangoli making is very popular everywhere. No matter what occasion is but Flowers add colours, fragrance, beauty etc to it. Festivals are the season when all India make rangoli in front of their houses by flowers. It is auspicious for many cultures but in some places, it includes in everyday routine. So here in this article, you can read about the floral rangoli designs to try in the year 2019.

Beautiful Flower Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

Here are some of the best Beautiful flower pattern rangoli designs with images to inspire you.

1. The Welcome Flower Rangoli Design:

simple flower rangoli designs

How about welcoming your guests with awe? Well, this rangoli is simple and yet beautiful, that uses one yellow flower, in the centre along with its petals, with many white flowers surrounding it. The flower buds are also beautifully arranged between the white flowers. Here is a simple one for you to try quickly!

  • Most people make this rangoli for the welcome, and it does not harm nature as well
  • The flower symbolises purity hence in temples and for auspicious occasions people make it.
  • Circular rangoli attracts positivity

2. Swastik’ Shape Flower Rangoli Design:

rangoli designs with flowers

This simple rangoli designs with flowers looks complex but is rather easy to try. It follows a pattern of using a single design thrice, but with a different colour combination and size. With the swastika emerging, it looks marvellous. There are sharp edges, and the outer border is round in shape. This Rangoli will look mind-boggling when it’s decorated with flowers itself.

  • The special occasion to make this rangoli is pooja either at home or temple
  • Circular shape attracts positivity and flowers fill the fragrance in the atmosphere
  • It is beneficial for nature

3. Flower Petals with a Circular Border:

beautiful rangoli designs with flowers

This design of rangoli has a triple set of flowers petals with a circular border. Its centre has been well decorated with petals as that of a lotus. Bright colours have been used, primarily consisting of light yellow and orange. Deep green has been used to give the Rangoli a natural effect.

  • The shape and design show why and where to make rangoli hence, and this rangoli is suitable for the welcome ceremony.
  • The circular shape of rangoli attracts positivity in the house
  • Flowers is eco-friendly hence it will not harm nature

4. Symmetrical Rangoli Flower Pattern:

The symmetrical pattern has to be used in the outer part, while the inside includes a simple yet exquisite flower design. Outer symmetry has to be done with perfection to make the Rangoli captivating. A thin green border has been made on the outer part and the interior as well so as to separate and differentiate the two patterns used in the Rangoli.

  • This rangoli is suitable for marriage functions for putting the Kalash in the centre circle.
  • The circular shape symbolises wholeness and presence of God who is present everywhere.

5. Semi Circle in Shape Flower Rangoli:

easy rangoli designs with flowers

This design is indeed spectacular and the lemon yellow petals used, enhances its beauty even more. The flower petals drawn are semi-circle in shape, adjoined beautifully with each other. Small diyas have been placed on the outer-most border and on the floor as well. Red, lemon yellow, mauve, white, green and orange used in the Rangoli, turned out to be a great combination.

  • This eco-friendly rangoli is suitable for rangoli competitions in schools and colleges
  • The circular shape symbolises wholeness, totality and presence of God who is present everywhere.
  • The flowers denote purity and can be used as fertilizers

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