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30 Different Types of Rompers for Women in Trend 2019

A Romper is a single-piece garment of clothing which resembles a combination of shirt and shorts. Rompers were first invented in 1900 in the USA. Originally rompers were invented for babies as playwear for their comfortable movement. Later on, after the 19th century, rompers became famous clothing garments for babies and children. And in the 1950s, Rompers for Women became one of the most popular clothing garments along with babies and children. And eventually, from the 1970s onwards, Men, Women and Children willingly wore rompers frequently making it a mainstream clothing wear.From 2006, the clothing industry has revamped traditional rompers and as a result over this last decade, hundreds of different types of rompers have been introduced in the clothing industry, especially women’s rompers. These types of rompers are based on many different aspects like style, size, purpose, material, design; add on features, zip, buttons, straps, etc.

Stylish and Best Models of Rompers for Women in Trend:

Here are the Following Top 30 Ladies Romper Designs.

1. Printed Women’s Romper:

As the name itself suggests, a printed women’s romper consists of many different kinds of designs printed on them for a more elevated look. The designs that can be printed on a romper include a wide variety like animal prints, abstract figure prints, geometrical design prints, natural prints, colour combinations, etc. All these types of prints make these rompers fancy rompers.

2. Women’s Denim Romper:

These Rompers are made with denim fabric. Denim fabric is a warp-faced sturdy cotton textile fabric in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. Denim is the latest form of fabric used in rompers for a trendy look. It is very smooth and rich in feel yet strong and durable in its make. Denim rompers are most commonly found in blue and indigo colours while teal, ink blue and turquoise are some other colours.

3. Zippered Romper for Women:

A Zippered romper is the most comfortable Romper outfit for exercising, sports and leisure outdoor activities. Zippered rompers have a zip enclosure either on the front side or on the back. While backside zip can be in romper outfits suitable for all occasions like casual outing, party, sport, etc. The front side zip is only seen in rompers for exercise, sports, etc outdoor activities.

4. Sleeveless Women’s Romper:

If you are not a big fan of sleeves in your romper, then you can opt for a sleeveless romper. Sleeveless rompers are very popular for trendy party looks. Most celebrities and models wear a sleeveless romper outfit for all their outings. This is a light red sleeveless women’s romper.

5. Wide-Legged Women’s Romper:

To maximise your comfort along with a stylish look, a wide-legged romper for women can be an ideal choice for you. Wide-legged rompers are most suitable for tall women with long legs. It is a perfect ladies romper for parties.

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