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39 Ways to Upcycle Your T-Shirts

6. Ombre Four-Strand Head Wrap

Ombre four strand head wrap

Whistle and Ivy shows that even a plain white T-shirt is worth saving. In her easy headband tutorial, she uses fabric dye to paint on an ombre effect for a splash of color.

7. DIY T-Shirt Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf

These infinity scarves from Madigan Made are perfect for spring. The style is on trend and the fabric is lightweight, so you can show it off for the next few months.

8. Flouncy T-Shirt Flowers

T-shirt flowers

These giant blooms from Matsutake are so full and lovely; it’s hard to believe that they used to be T-shirts in a former life. Make a whole vase of for your mantle; they’re certain to brighten any day.

9. Bangle Bracelets Covered in T-Shirt Fabric

braided t-shirt bracelets

If chunky bracelets aren’t your style, try these sleek bangles from Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri. Mix and match your favorite colors, and when you tire of the set re-wrap them for a whole new look.

10. 10-Minute T-Shirt Tote

t-shirt tote

Take this bag to the beach, the gym or an afternoon at the park. It’s perfect for smaller T-shirts and you can whip one up in about five minutes with the instructions from Leethal.

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