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50 Clever Upcycling Ideas

6. Create a Sewing Kit from an Eyeglass Case

Eyeglass Case Sewing Kit

Turn your old eyeglass case into a practical sewing repair kit. Follow this tutorial from Tea Rose Home to put a new cover on the case and add a pincushion that fits inside. Create multiple kits and store them around the house, in your car, or even in your purse for those fashion emergencies. Get the instructions for an Eyeglass Case Sewing Kit.

7. Gather Vintage Brooches for a Bouquet

Brooch Bouquet

Old, broken pieces of jewelry and brooches seem to pile up in our jewelry boxes over time, without us even realizing it. It’s time to dig all of those out. Shannon at Fancy Pants Weddings shows a beautiful new use for those pieces by introducing the brooch bouquet. If you’re looking for a spin on a traditional Wedding bouquet, these brooches can be combined with real flowers too. You could even have your something old, new, borrowed, and blue all in one crafty and beautiful bouquet. Get the instructions for a Brooch Bouquet.

8. Repurpose Telephone Handsets as Bookends

Telephone Bookends

Many folks have ditched their landline for a cell phone. If you’re one of them you might have an unused telephone or two lying around. Take a tip from A Beautiful Mess and use them to make adorable bookends. This project doesn’t take a lot of materials or effort, and you’ll love the way old books and old technology can live together in harmony on your shelf. Get the instructions for Telephone Bookends.

9. Reinvent Toilet Paper Rolls as Art

Paper Roll Art

Save toilet paper rolls and set aside some time with the kiddos to create this fun art project from Growing Up Creative. Who knew there could be such a high-end use for something as simple as a cardboard cylinder? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how beautifully these turn out. Get the instructions for Toilet Paper Roll Art.

10. Fashion a Produce Bag Into a Beach Tote

Produce Beach Bag

While it’s not necessarily a new use for a produce bag, this reconstructed beach bag is certainly a good example of how to extend the bag’s use. The Adventures of Giddy Giddy demonstrates how to sew a produce bag to the bottom of a canvas tote. This gives the original tote more space and eliminates the problem of all that pesky sand getting into the bottom of your bag. Get the instructions for a Produce Beach Bag.