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50 Clever Upcycling Ideas

41. Hang a Rake to Make a Rustic Tool Rack

Outdoor Rake Rack

After buying a shiny new rake put the old rusty one to good use hanging garden tools. Natalie at Natalme.com blogs about hanging an old rake on the side of her shed to organize the tools in her gardening workspace. Who said that dirty work couldn’t look chic? Get the instructions for a Rake Rack.

42. Use a Stiletto to Display Jewelry

Shoe Jewelry Holder

Sooner or later you’re going to stop wearing your favorite pair of stilettos. This doesn’t mean you stop loving them, which is why we think this stiletto jewelry holder is a great second life for an old pair of high heels. Susie Homefaker provides step-by-step instructions to make this fancy display for your own bedroom. Get the instructions for a Stiletto Jewelry Holder.

43. Make an Ice Cube Tray Into a Snack Tray

Ice Cube Snack Tray

Help hungry kids hit all the major food groups with this slick use of ice cube trays. Just fill the tiny compartments with perfect proportions of fruits, veggies, candy and other yummy snacks. When Jennifer of Jennifer Bishop Design assembled these for toddlers at her daughter’s birthday party, they were a hit with parents and kids alike! Get the instructions for Ice Cube Tray Munchies.

44. Gather Tin Cans to Store Utensils

Tin Can Utensil Holder

The O’Neil gals of Running with Sisters posted this kitchen project to upcycle tin cans. It’s not the first time we’ve seen food cans used to hold utensils, but the idea of choosing three cans with identical bold labels really makes this project stand out. Keep miscellaneous utensils within arms reach and never rummage through drawers again. Get the instructions for Tin Can Utensil Holders.

45. Makeover a Stool to Store Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper Caddy

Wrapping paper rolls are large and cumbersome to store, but not if you have an old bar stool on hand. Christina of 2 Little Hooligans turned one upside down and mounted it on wheels to create a rolling storage solution for wrapping supplies. This DIY project is super simple with a huge payoff—the best kind of project in our book! Get the instructions for a Wrapping Paper Organizer.