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49 Different Crafts To Make At Home!

31. Creative Paper Wall Art Crafting Ideas:

Creative paper wall art craft ideas

Discover these latest craft ideas of paper wall art, which makes them the most sensational DIY home decor. You can find the entire tutorial in the link, so you can easily follow the steps one by one.

32. Crafting ideas for rabbit Easter baskets:

Rabbit Easter Basket Craft Ideas

Own this Rabbit Easter Basket, which consists of simple paper plates and only a few crafting accessories to fill in the details. It can be owned either as a gift or as a home decor during the festive season of Christmas.

33. Popsicle Sticks Craft Ideas:

Popsicle Sticks Craft Idea

If you literally want your own inventory, you can opt for this type of craft that uses popsicles. There are various crafting ideas that make use of these sticks, two of which are shown in the picture. Have fun and enjoy your own discoveries.

34. Wine bottles craft ideas:

Wine bottles craft ideas

Some craft ideas use the garbage as raw material, as described in the link above. Here the used wine bottles are used again for the handicraft of this kind. The end product looks like a delicious home decor really ravishing and trendy.

35. House Utility Craft Ideas:

House Utility Craft Ideas

This particular project is extremely useful in all households. It is a stack of drawers that can be used multiple times. It is made of thick cardboard wrapped in handmade paper and needs a small handle to pull out the drawers.

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