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49 Different Crafts To Make At Home!

36. Coke Bottle Crafts Ideas:

Coke bottle make ideas

Instead of burying them underground and polluting our Mother Earth, we can only do a bit of our side to save her. Therefore, we can collect these garbage cans of cola and tinker as shown in the picture to use as a commodity for our home. It can also serve as a designer showpiece and is the latest craft idea.

37. Thread Ball home decor craft ideas:

Thread ball home decor craft ideas

A step-by-step guide to making this unique new crafting idea can be found here. A balloon is inflated to the desired size and then the rigid thread is continuously rotated over it until the balloon is completely covered. As a last step, the balloon is emptied and we get this new fantastic home decor.

38. Glamorous Roses Decor Crafting Ideas:

Glamorous roses decor craft ideas

Use this sublime and great idea to create rose art according to the pattern of the link. In this special craft we can either choose the same color of the roses or opt for the engraving of roses in different colors on the basis.

39. Home Art and Craft Ideas:

Home ideas for arts and crafts

This unique crafting idea is for adults, as it is a bit difficult to compete with it. The spoons should be cut out and inserted around the mirror as shown in the picture. Then the spoons are sprayed with designer patterns to get the final huge and gorgeous home decor.

40. Quilling crafting ideas:

Quilling craft ideas made of paper

This versatile art of paperworking is loved by most of us. We do not need any extra effort or expensive materials, just a little patience and our precious time. Children of all ages are very interested in making such quilling crafts.

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