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49 Different Crafts To Make At Home!

41. Crafting ideas for glass containers:

Glass pot of craft ideas

If you want to give something to your wife, then this is a handmade glass pot crafting your. Here, the leaves of the Christmas tree are used to stick to the glass for a unique look. This glass can be used either as a candlestick or as a plant holder.

42. Crafting ideas for the jute fruit basket:

Jute fruit basket crafting ideas

Here comes another collection of jute baskets where fruits and vegetables can be stored on the table. It is very trendy and stylish as well as very comfortable to do.

43. Crafting ideas for DIY watches:

DIY clock craft ideas

Today, designer watches can not cost less than a thousand dollars. If you want a designer wall clock, which is also cheap, you can opt for this type of crafting. Study the step-by-step instructions given in the link and follow the same instructions to complete your elaborate wall clock.

44. bedroom hangings craft ideas:

Bedroom hangings craft ideas

Stack colorful papers one after the other and cut them into the desired shape. Hearts, flowers and many others. Tie one after the other as shown in the picture to form a row. Finally, try attaching it to the base, which is attached to the wall. Here are your trendy and latest craft ideas for your bedroom.

45. New Year’s Lanterns Craft Ideas:

Crafting ideas for New Year's lanterns:

Colorful paper lanterns are now in vogue, giving our home a fantastic look. They are so effortless and convenient to make that they are tried by children.

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