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9 Classic Designs of Solitaire Diamond Rings for Engagement!

Engagement rings must be something special and be the star of the evening. The ring stands as a symbol of engagement between two people. What can be more dazzling in its eye-catching beauty than a solitaire ring? Solitaire is defined as a one-piece diamond. The solitaire engagement rings look spectacular and even seem regal and noble. Solitaire rings are still the most popular engagement ring in the world, especially for those who understand style but still want to make a bold statement.

Solitaire engagement rings:

Let’s take a look at the 9 best solitaire engagement rings in platinum and gold:

1. Platinum Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring:

Solitaire engagement rings

There are certain cuts in a solitaire ring from which cut pillows are very popular. The diamond on this ring has the color H1, which means almost a smaller color, but a yellow hue and a clear, one-piece diamond. On the ring, the solitaire is studded with rivets in the center, on which four brilliant cut diamonds are prominently placed. The entire ring is made of platinum and therefore a fantastic engagement ring.

2. Classic solitaire engagement ring in dome shape:

classic solitaire engagement ring dome shape

If the engagement ring is a solitaire, it’s stunning and great too. This ring is a classic piece engraved with solitaire and with dome-shaped corners that give it a more spectacular look than before.

3. Solitaire Flower Shape Engagement Rings:

Solitaire Flower Shape Engagement Rings

Flowers and women have a close relationship, so many young girls prefer to have their engagement rings in flower shape as well. The ring looks stunning and the solitaire is in the middle of the ring where small petals are designed to give a brilliant look and make it a perfect engagement ring.

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