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9 Comfortable Maternity Shorts Outfits!

7. Asos- Maternity Scallop Hem Short:

Asos- Maternity Scallop Hem Short

This item,made of 96% cotton and 4% elastane (stretchable material),has elastic waist band that sits under the bump. This pair of maternity shorts is named after the stylish scalloped hem. This item fits all sizes so while you expand because of pregnancy you would have no difficulty.

8. Women’s Maternity Bermuda Shorts:

Lilac Maternity Women's Maternity Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts, made of stretch denim, is dark coloured so it is easy to maintain. Being a Bermuda this pair is longer than other regular shorts. Special feature of this pair is that there is a panel that falls over stomach and there is internal adjustable waistband. This item can stretch to 12 inches.

9. Maternity Jeans Short Shorts:

Ripe Maternity Women’s Maternity Denim Shorty Shorts

This pair of maternity shorts, made of soft, stretchable denim, has pockets at the back and waistband falls over stomach. You can wear this pair with any T-shirt.

Hence items are most suitable for you before, during and after pregnancy because they are stretchable, adjustable, easy and comfortable.

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