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9 Famous Mickey Mouse Crafts For Birthdays of Kids

If you’re a fan of Mickey Mouse and want to play with it or decorate it in his house, then you can do it by being creative and making Mickey Mouse. There are many designs that can be made with Mickey Craft, such as stickers and stuffed animals. Mickey Mouse is loved by children so you can do it by crafting it. Mickey Mouse crafts can also be used to decorate birthday parties.

Best Mickey Mouse handicrafts for children’s birthday parties:

Here are the 9 best Mickey Mouse handicrafts for 2-year-olds and preschoolers.

1. Mickey Mouse wreath:

Mickey Mouse Wreath

This craft is very simple and easy to do and can be put on the front door. This is the mickey moue craft for a birthday party. If you want to greet the guest for the birthday party, you can do so by making this Mickey Mouse wreath.

2. Mickey Mouse Cups:

Mickey Mouse cups

It’s so cheap and easy to make and mothers love to do this for their kids. Use 1-inch crepe paper, punch out two white circles, and stick the buttons on the cup. This is a nice idea for the everyday life of your children. Children will surely finish their cup of milk. Make this craft for her.

3. Mickey Mouse Paper Craft Clips:

Mickey Mouse paper clips

These types of crafting ideas are best for girls who want to add Mickey to their paperclips. It looks really cool and decent. All you have to do is use paper clips, black buttons and glue. Schoolgirls or baby kids look pretty in these clips.

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