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9 Famous Mickey Mouse Crafts For Birthdays of Kids

4. Mickey Mouse caps:

Mickey Mouse hats

These Mickey Mouse hats are perfect for birthday parties. Children love Mickey Mouse, then parents can have Mickey Mouse hats. It’s easy and easy to do. You can make it in bulk and this is a nice collection for kids birthday party celebration.

5. Mickey Mouse beads:

Mickey Mouse bead

These are Mickey Mouse beads that girls can put on their hair. They are so shiny and look very cute. This is a beautiful craft and you can do this with your baby, a nice idea to give away your child.

6. Mickey Mouse bookmarks:

Mickey Mouse bookmark

With Mickey Mouse you can create a simple and adorable bookmark. It is the faithful companion of a good book. If you want to see Mickey Mouse again and again, you can attach this Mickey Mouse bookmark to a book.

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