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9 Famous Mickey Mouse Crafts For Birthdays of Kids

7. Mickey Mouse Christmas tree decorations:

Mickey Mouse Christmas tree decorations

These Mickey Mouse craft items for toddlers and kids can be used during the Christmas season. You can create and enjoy Christmas tree decorations for the Christmas tree. This adds a nice decoration for your own house and the tree. You can cut Mickey Mouse shapes and use them as ornaments.

8. Mickey Mouse paper chain:

Mickey Mouse paper chain

If you want to add a twist or decorate the paper chain, you can add Mickey Mouse. This requires graph paper in black, red, white and yellow. Then white paint, glue and scissors.

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9. Mickey Mouse flowerpot:

Mickey Mouse flowerpot

If you want to perfectly complement your flower pots in the garden, you can do so by sprouting Mickey himself upstairs. To do this you should get a flower pot and glue two buttons above and then Mickey’s head and two little balls in black color.

There is more art creativity in the Mickey Mouse character as a craft; Children like to learn new things from their creative idea. Let her enjoy the craft with this cartoon character, you’ll easily bring all the material to market or you can design it yourself.

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