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9 Modern Crochet Headbands For Babies And Adults

A headband is beneficial to you in many ways like protecting your eyes from the hair, being a part of hairstyle, etc. You can also wear it for different occasions like a casual outing, or a party, or an outdoor sport. It is worn by male, female, children and babies. Headbands are mainly classified on the basis of material and technique used for weaving. One such type of headband popular for its technique of weaving are the crochet headbands.Unlike a knitted headband, a crochet style headband involves stitching of thread or yarn into a fabric with the help of a small hook made of metal or wood. Also, every single stitch in a crochet technique is sealed immediately before moving to the next stitch, unlike normal knitting.

Best Crochet Headbands For Babies And Adults:

Following are Top 9 types of crochet style headbands,

1. 3 Strand Crochet Headbands:

3 Strand Crochet Headbands

Unlike a conventional style of headband which has a widespread design, a 3 strand headband consists of 3 small and precise looking straight crochet strands which are pretty convenient and comfortable to wear. These are mostly seen to be girls crochet headbands as the design suits their look.

2. Bow Tie Shaped Headbands:

Bow Tie Shaped Crochet Headbands

Innovative and creative shapes in a Crochet style headband give it a more attractive look. One such creative shaped headband is a crochet bow headband. It has a shape of a bow tie and looks very trendy yet appealing.

3. Flower Shaped Crochet Headbands:

Flower Shaped Crochet Headbands

As you read above, the inclusion of different shapes in a crochet style headband always give it a more elevated look. Another such unique shaped headband is a Crochet Flower Headband. It either has a single large flower woven on the frontal side and several little flowers are woven closely together. Mostly flower shapes are seen on Crochet Baby Headbands making them look cuter.

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