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9 Most Renowned September Birthstone and Its Jewelry Designs

Sapphire the most renowned gemstone which is classified as a precious gemstone which is the birthstone of September. Sapphire which is formed by corundum, which consists of aluminum oxide which forms into crystals of various geometric shape which reflects light and radiates out different color except red, which is called as Ruby. In India Star sapphire stone is one of the most precious gemstones found many centuries ago.For curious ladies and men who also believe in gemstone benefits which awake the chakra of eye and throat, this article provides a brief information regarding top 9 September birthstone designs which is worn as a daily wear jewel piece or as a clothing accessory.

Latest and Beautiful Designs of September Birthstone Jewelry for womens:

Let we have to look at the best September birthstone jewellry designs for september birth people.

1. Royal Blue September Birthstone Engagement Ring:

Holts Rings

Girls who love to wear a bright and a royal outlook stone and has it is called as the Stone Of fidelity and commitment which are the key factors of love, this stone is the best choice and added factor will be for those who are born in the month of September. This single stone studded royal blue sapphire is accompanied with solitaire diamonds on each side, which can be optional.

2. Yellow September Birthstone Necklace:

Yellow Sapphire Necklace

Yellow sapphire has gained its popularity due to its unique yellowish mustard color, which is not seen in any other gemstones. To mild glowing sapphire stone adding a glowing white stone is definitely a good combination which is designed as a pendant in various shapes and design and tagged along with a silver curb or a rope chain. This stone helps in reaching goals and ambition in life which can stunt people who did not accept this results from you.

3. Blue Drop Gold September Birthstone Earrings:

Blue drop Gold Sapphire Earring

This teardrop earring is one of the commonly used accessories by all ladies, which is now used in making sapphire stone studded hanging earring. The sapphire stone is carved into a teardrop shaped and fixed onto the Gold base with a hook attachment, which passes into the ear hole

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