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9 Unique Egg Crafts Ideas And Images For Kids

3. Egg Tray Craft Color Matching  kids Game:

Egg Craft Color Matching kids Game

One can use the egg carton tray and paint it with any color to make a wonderful egg color match game. To make it one can put on different colors in each cup of the tray and paint it until there are 12 different colors. This design can be very fun-filled.

4. Easter Egg Funny Animal Faces as a Craft:

Easter Egg Funny Animal Faces as a Craft

One can use egg shells too to build an artistic craft like animal faces. This all depends on one’s creativity. This includes by cutting out shapes and sticking them onto the eggs to get animal faces. So this is the egg shell craft. These craft eggs are cute making fun while creating this type of crafts.

5. Easter Egg Small Egg shell Craft:

Easter Egg Small Eggshell Crafts

The Easter egg crafts can be used to make out a candle and a vase also. One can use eggshell as a container to get this. For this one need to color the egg and make a hole at the top and plant small flowers in each eggshell and display them.

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