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9 Unique Egg Crafts Ideas And Images For Kids

6. Plastic Easter Egg Crafts:

Plastic Egg Craft

We can use our plastic eggs for crafts to turn them into little creatures like bunnies and carrot. For this one will need plastic Easter eggs, scissors, pipe cleaners, glue and the black marker. Get this plastic egg crafts for your kids to help them to create a craft with their own idea.

7. Egg Box Craft:

Egg Box Craft

If you want to make funny craft then this one will be good idea as a caterpillar in the form of egg box. Without throwing this box outside you can create this type of funny craft. One can use egg box to make the portrait of people. One can’t imagine that egg boxes are used for experimentation.

8. Egg Carton Dragon Craft:

Egg Carton Dragon Craft

These sweet egg carton dragon craftcan be like playing toy for children. These can be done by using Easter eggs. For this one will need the egg carton, scissors, green paint, paintbrush, craft glue and few lollipops.

9. Seedling Pot:

Seedling Pot

One can use and recycle their egg cartons and use it as a seedling pot. This will also make kids happy by watching how a plant grows. For this one craft will need the bottom of the egg carton, potting soil and easy to grow vegetable seeds.

Some egg craft designs which can be very good for children as well as adults. The most important thing here is creativity if one is creative then one can have different egg craft ideas.

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