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39 Ways to Upcycle Your T-Shirts

A T-shirt is something to look forward to at the end of a long day. Slipping into the soft weave of a jersey knit can take us back in time to childhood, our first rock concert or the summer we fell in love with hot pink. There’s just something undeniably special about that fabric. With so much going for it, …

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50 Clever Upcycling Ideas

With the passing of the holidays and the start of the New Year, many of us find ourselves wanting to do a little household tidying. Do you have a closet filled with items you no longer use? If you’re like us, it may include things like a box of faded t-shirts, a cache of cassettes with music from the 80s, …

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9 Best Egg Crafts Ideas And Images For Kids!

Egg designer flowers as a craft

Egg-making means you recycle your egg-making boxes and use them for an artistic design. When you’re creative, you can always make your kids happy and full of fun. However, it should be avoided to use egg cartons with spilled eggs. Best Eff Crafts and Ideas for Preschool Children and Children: Here are some different top 9 egg models of egg …

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49 Different Crafts To Make At Home!

Reused tuna cans of craft ideas

There are many types of crafting ideas that both adults and children can try out at home to get the most amazing results. We can use various materials such as colored papers, leftover decorative fabrics, ribbons, threads and some of the waste that is no longer useful to us. Different crafting ideas that are best and simplest to implement: Below …

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25 Best Ideas For Crafty & Clever Dog Beds!

25 ideas for clever dog beds

Like the dogs themselves, there are dog beds in all shapes and sizes. They can be bought on special websites or assembled in DIY style from recycled materials. Chihuahua and poodles are so small that their beds can be made out of suitcases, empty drawers and picnic baskets, while an old rain barrel or cot could be redesigned for the …

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