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40 Creative Uses for Recyclables

The average person produces 4.3 pounds of garbage a day – that's a lot of household garbage! Not to mention that this number has only increased over the decades. What if you already recycle but still wonder if you can do more? If you want to improve your daily waste habits while having fun, we have put together 40 new …

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39 Ways to Upcycle Your T-Shirts

A T-shirt is something to look forward to at the end of a long day. Slipping into the soft weave of a jersey knit can take us back in time to childhood, our first rock concert or the summer we fell in love with hot pink. There’s just something undeniably special about that fabric. With so much going for it, …

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50 Clever Upcycling Ideas

With the passing of the holidays and the start of the New Year, many of us find ourselves wanting to do a little household tidying. Do you have a closet filled with items you no longer use? If you’re like us, it may include things like a box of faded t-shirts, a cache of cassettes with music from the 80s, …

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