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Pencil Skirt Pattern Outfits – Our Best 20 With Images

Pencil skirt is named as such because of its pencil shape. It is wide at top and slimmer at bottom. When it comes to clothing then pencil skirt is wider at hips area and as it flows downwards it become narrower and more body hugging. Pencil skirt is perfect for those ladies who are slim. These piece of clothing accentuates the curve of such women quite beautifully. Pencil skirts come in 2 different shapes. They can be both long pencil skirts as well as short pencil skirts. Girls can make their choice as per the occasion and taste. Pencil skirts come in variety of materials.Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt pattern outfits are a trendy way of wearing skirts. This is more of a yesteryear’s trend precisely of 90s era. British and English women are most commonly seen wearing this trend. They flaunt their curves quite gracefully in this clothing.

Different Types Of Pencil Skirt Pattern Outfits With Images In India:

In this post we are doing a quick round of top 20 pencil skirt design dresses in present times. So, without wasting more time. Let’s move ahead to the best pencil skirts along with images in india.

1. Denim Pencil Skirts For Young Girls :

Denim Pencil Skirts

This is all time favourite pencil skirt. Made of thick denim material this skirt design is to die for. The figure hugging material makes it a top choice. They come in both long as well as short variants. This denim pencil skirts can be worn in around the year. You can wear long pencil skirts in winters but since denim being a tough and durable material Even shorter ones will also give you enough warmth in winters. Whereas short and even mini denim pencil skirts are a hot favourite in summers. You can rock them with a crisp white cotton shirt.

2. Simple Plain Knee Length Cotton Pencil Skirts :

Simple Plain Cotton Pencil Skirts

These knee length pencil skirts are the most common pencil skirts. These are made of cotton and mostly come in opaque primary colours like grey, blue, pink, red and white also. They look quite chic and modern. You can easily pair these cotton plain skirts with a short crop tops or shirts. This are quite widely available in both online and offline shops. These are mostly short up to knee length and suitable for fashion women.

3. Side Silt Pencil Skirts :

Side Silt Pencil Skirts

This type of pencil skirts are quite chic and modern. This are just similar to any pencil skirt but with a new dimension. This black pencil skirt has a side cut which makes it really sexy. This side silt pencil skirt is available both in short as well as long trend.

4. Pencil Skirts With Zip:

Zipped Pencil Skirts

Zipped pencil skirts look quite trendy and modern. It is perfect for formal parties. This pencil skirts comes with a middle zip pattern. This is one of the most popular pencil skirts for girls with modern outfit design.

5. Checked And High Waisted Pencil Skirts :

Checked Pencil Skirts

This type of long pencil skirts come in check pattern. This pencil skirt looks very perfect for outings. This checked  skirts come in both variants as long and short. Most of the girls like to sport this type of pencil skirt outfits for their functions and parties.

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