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Top 10 Vegetables to Increase Your Height

A good height adds an edge to your personality whether you are a man or a lady. While what height you attain during your adulthood has a lot to do with your genetic makeup, what you eat during your growth years also has a strong influence on your overall growth. A well balanced diet is essential for you if you want to grow into a tall individual.Top 10 Vegetable That Help You Grow Taller

How Vegetables Can Aid in Height Growth?

Most height issues are caused due to lack of proper diet and nutrition. To grow tall, one needs an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to multiply cell growth and add strength to the bones. Vegetables are an natural source of these nutrients that can help you grow taller.

  • Certain vegetables like Kale, Greens, Spinach provide calcium and Vitamin K, which are needed to strengthen your bone structure and support height growth.
  • Starchy vegetables like Potatoes, Beetroots etc., provide Carbohydrates that are required for new cell growth in the body.
  • Legumes like beans provide zinc and potassium to the body, which prevents growth impairing disorders.

By means of certain vegetables that have an influence on the secretion of certain specific hormones in your body, you can cheat your genetics to gain an extra few inches. Check out these height increasing vegetables that produce maximum effect when consumed during puberty.

1. Turnips:

turnip greens turnips

Turnips are a type of plant root that grows underground. This veggie is found to be a rich source of natural growth hormone. Regular consumption of Turnips in various forms such as mix veggie, freshly extracted Turnip juice or gravies is supposed to boost your overall growth including your height. Apart from this, the Turnips are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres as well as fats which are all equally important to fuel the process of growth.

2. Bok Choy:

Bok Choy

This is a variety of Chinese cabbage that helps you grow taller since it is packed with minerals, vitamins, fibers and carbohydrates. Including Bok Choy in your food leads to stimulation in production of growth hormones from your body.

3. Beans:


Include Beans in your diet as a part of cooked veggie, in combination with other vegetables or veg salad to stimulate production of GH in your body. Beans are packed with dietary fiber, folate, proteins and carbohydrates making them a wholesome food.

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